My typical painting is 12″ x 16″, oil pastels on canvas. I focus on one animal’s face to capture its personality.  The background is one complementary color.

I paint each portrait from a photo.  The best photos are taken in natural light (outside or near a window) and are CLOSE-UP and IN FOCUS.  It is best to photograph your pet at eye level.  Also avoid busy backgrounds and make sure any special markings and colors are visible in the photo.  More than one photo is helpful.

It takes approximately 3 weeks to complete.  I will email you a photo of the painting when it is almost complete to get your approval.  I want you to be pleased with the results, so if you are not happy I will repaint to get your approval.

The cost is $150 plus shipping if necessary.  Payment is due upon delivery.  If the painting is to be shipped to you, payment is due in advance of shipping.

Paintings are delivered in a simple black frame.


Can you use a different size canvas?  Yes, smaller sizes are the same cost.  Costs for larger sizes will be determined individually.

Can you include more than one animal in the painting?  Yes, but the cost for each animal is $150.

Can you paint from a printed photo?  Yes. You can send me printed photographs of your pet and I will send them back with your finished portrait.

Any additional questions you can email Marita at